TOBA AQUARIUM Presents Aqua Planet Journey



 As an island country, Japan has a history and culture that are inseparably tied to the sea. Not surprisingly, aquariums are both numerous and popular attractions found across the country. Many of these are modern facilities, with new aquariums still being built and older ones renovated, which typically feature a large main tank as well as some focus on local marine and aquatic habitats.

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Genre Education , Nature
Duration 28min.
Episodes 100
Production Year June 2002~
Langage Japanese
Audio Tracks Monoral
Recording Media DVCAM
Cast Miki Sugimoto,Yuko Ohnishi
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This enjoyable program showcases aquatic creatures, their behaviour, and habitats. The footage for this program was recorded at the Toba Aquarium and features explanations by the aquarium’s curators and breeders.
Easy-to-understand explanations avoid overly technical language, allowing for an enjoyable educationalexperience. The program introduces not only creaturesfound in Japan, but fish and animals from all over the world.

Ecological life of sea cucumber (Feb. 2008 O.A.)


What is MIE prefecture?

Mie Prefecture belongs to both, the Kinki Region and the Tokai Region. The prefecture is home to the Ise Shrines, Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines. Mie is known as a place blessed with the bounties of its mountains and the sea. It is rich in nature, history, culture and modern amusement facilities.

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Ise Jingu Shrine Kumano Kodo
(UNESCO World Heritage)
Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

What is TOBA Aquarium?

TOBA AquariumToba Aquarium is one of the largest aquaria in Japan. It is located along the waterfront of Toba Bay. The aquarium consists of twelve zones, which introduce animals from local and distant oceans, seas and rivers. Among the animals kept are a variety of fish, jelly fish and crabs as well as amphibians, reptiles, sea lions, seals, sea birds and otters.

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About Cable Common Net Mie

Cable Common Net Mie is a CATV group that provides services across Mie and Shiga Prefectures.
The company produces community-based content about localhistory, culture and nature.